Hi All,

Welcome back to the 4th season of tennis in Eastpoint Business Park especially to those who have just joined.  To-date we have 60 players available to play tennis either lunch or evening time.
If you know a colleague who would like to play, please pass on my details to them to get dded to the list.

So how does it work,  you organise the match yourself as follows:

  • Book the tennis court at info@eastpoint.ie  for the month of June, 2019 then use the new booking system for the month of July onwards, see Booking System Details
  • Contact other players by email to see their availability
  • See list of Tennis Players indicating their preference for lunch/evening time tennis and their level.

If you have never booked the court before, for insurance purposes Eastpoint Management have requested that you fill in the booking form (just once) and send to info@eastpoint.ie.

For anyone who doesn’t know where the tennis court is, its over the Car Park at the Epicentre Café Bar.  On the day of your match, you pick up the key for the court from the Eastpoint Management Office (1st door to the left of the The Spar Store,  go upstairs and turn left, press the buzzer and Jane/Gavin will give you the key).

If any of your details are incorrect or you would like to change them at any time, just let me know at alice.kinsella@enterprise-ireland.com and I will update the site.

Enjoy 🙂


p.s. for more amenities at Eastpoint Business Park, click here

Last updated: 7th June, 2019